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séjours 2015

séjours 2011

Jordanie fév 12

du Wadi Rum à Pétra, de la mer Morte au Mt Nébo

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lovely trip

This was an amazing trip, a very special ten days in my life, your poems were beautiful and i hope i can speak french one day so i can return the favour, i hope we can do it again, it was wonderful to be able to show you around my home and i wish to see yours one day.
best wishes


Mutlag | Le Lundi 30/04/2012 à 13:20 | [^] | Répondre

Re: lovely trip

Dear Mutlaq and Souleiman,
It's so nice to read your words, it looks like we can hear your voice and your songs. For us too, it was an amazing trip. We would have liked to stay even longer... We keep remembering it in our everyday life, here, in our texts.
Meeting you and your country, the Wadi Rum, was like a waking dream.
When we remember your eyes, we see the paradise...
English, French... we hope poetry has no frontier...
And we also hope your happiness and love for your country and people will always stay very close to your heart.
Our best wishes for you,
Les loups, les renards, les belettes et les poètes


Aphanèse | Le Dimanche 10/06/2012 à 01:10 | [^] | Répondre

l'atelier du dimanche

3ème galerie photos